Monday, September 2, 2013

Fashion Bloggers Runway : Techie Love

 A lot of opportunities seemed to go my way last month. August is actually my birth month (yup sorry for not sharing it to you guys I was planning to have a birthday giveaway but I was too busy! Watch for it this September promise!). :)

I had the chance to model for SM City Naga  with their Bloggers Runway: Everything for the Techie along with my fellow A-fash and Bicol Fashion Blogger friends!. SM Naga partnered with Comworks, Samsung, Alcatel, Starmobile and Smart. They had us feature their latest gadgets in the runway show. 

Technology makes us more efficient and effective. As a fashion blogger it is beneficial for me to have the latest technology since it would be easier for me to update my blog and my other social media accounts. It also lets me capture important life events by taking pictures and videos and sharing them easily to others.
Like with the Lenovo K860 from Comworks
(photo from google)
Lenovo K860 

SM is the best place to get gadgets for the techie savvy. You can find latest gadgets which are of high quality and with the best prices at Comworks. They are the leading information communications company that offers a vast array of gadgets such as Starmobile, Samsung, Nokia, Alcatel, Myphone and others. (Visit Comworks at SM City Naga Cyberzone 2nd Floor)  

I never thought I could actually do runway in SM's Event Center. It was actually written in my bucket list--activities I would like to do before I get old. I like to seize the moment and just have fun with the opportunities I have in the present. 

We decided to go with a Blue and Pink theme to make it more cohesive. I had to be all girly again! I was so excited for the show that I could'nt decide what to wear and I ended up with this look which is so me :)

Pink Blazer Red Head SM Dept Store | Blogger Necklace Personalized Accesories | 
Inner top Thrifted|

I had this Blogger Necklace for quite some time now. I was waiting for the right event to use it. The necklace is actually from Vern's Collection: Personalized Accessories. Makes it that more special. <3 

Thank you to Mel's Collection for these cuties! They really complement my outfit! They make unique and lovely accessories which are very affordable! Want to stand out from the rest? Go and get yourself some customized accessories from Mel's Collection! :)

Personalized Arm Candies Mel's Collection | Floral leggings The Vaintage Shoppe|
Heels Thrifted

Thank you  SM City Naga for making this possible for us! I had so much fun that day and I would surely remember it the rest of my life :) I hope I could do this again soon with my awesome friends! 

It made me go out of my comfort zone. If you were to ask me if I'm willing to do this before when I was younger I would problably say No way! I was the shy type and I didn't have much confidence in myslef. But now that I am much older and realized that events like these do not come as often I seize every moment possible no matter what the outcome is. 
Don't want to have Should have, Would have, Could haves :)   

Thank you to (c) James Patrick Sean Percil for taking these awesome photos! :))
Thank you also to Watsons for our Hair and Make Up 
Till my next post! ^_^


  1. Love your look a lot, Pam! So young and fresh but definitely age-appropriate! :)

    xx Daphne of