Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ombre Lights

And I'm back! totally MIA these past few weeks with the usual stuff! To get away with all the stress I decided to go to our weekly A-fash photoshoot! Dressing up makes me feel more positive.  It brings out my confidence more when I get to express who I truly am. 
So our theme 2 weeks ago was all about Ombre! It was another chance for me to experiment with my style. Usually I go for girly dressy pieces but I decided to have this more casual feel. A more of a laid back style. 
It was also a chance for me to do some DIY! Ombre is all about having colors that shade into each other. I literally dyed my shorts a day before the shoot.  These are originally white so it was easier to dye compared to denim which you have to use bleach first before applying the colors to really stand out!
I used my Colorful Heart Necklace which I made to complement the ombre shorts. This is also available for made to order at my shop Cutie Patooties!
Ring gift | Spikes colorful cuff DIY | Studded Leather Cuff gift
Denim Vest thrifted | Bag gift
To add to that laid back look I opted to use this green oversized bag which was given to me by my Aunt <3 The bag is also so versatile! Stylish and functional at the same time.
These pair below are not shoes! These are SANDALS! as stated by Sanuk and are called Sidewalk surfers!  
These are really comfy and I usually wear them when I do errands or when I just wanna chill.

with A-fash! We look so good together it's like an Ombre Summer party! :D Watch out for new themes and also for new members of A-fash! The more the merrier! cheers! 

Thank you to (c) Jamie Lou Borile for taking the photos!
Thanks for dropping by! I hope you guys would visit again! I will be updating this blog ever so often I promise lol! We'll more of A-fash shoots and I'll try to blog my first ever DIY! watch out for it soon! 
Pam <3

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  1. hey loving the outfit!:) Thanx for fanning on lookbook:)