Tuesday, June 25, 2013


An nyoung ha se yo! Yes we had to go Korean for this theme! Honestly I don't know if I would ever fit this look since I know I'm not the typical Koreana with the fair skin, the curly or straight thin hair like what we see in K-pop. Many people think I have Indian roots but honestly I don't know. haha >.< 
You'll probably notice that I do go for two styles which are edgy and sweet and I am also that ambivalent with korean fashion lol! I can't go all sweet without giving a little extra. 

I do notice that Korean apparel involves a lot of casual trendy and classy pieces. Koreans can wear almost anything and can get away with it easily because they are innately fashionistas! :D 
Triangle Necklace Personalized Accessories | Top and skirt Gift from my stylish cousin Ate Mitzi! Super Thank you! 
 I used my matching Bow Pearl Bracelet and Ring which I personally made and is available at my shop Cutie Patooties!  I had to balance out the edgy and the sweet by wearing these adorable accessories!
Boots SM Department Store
Thank you to (c) Jamie Lou Borile  as always for taking such lovely photos! :D
By the way did you know we have new members in A-fash! Yes! Our fashionista family is getting bigger and you can expect more surprises like activites and promotions SOON! 
Till the next post! Thanks for dropping by!
<3 Pam


  1. i like your shoes! <3
    by the way, that guy wearing eyeglasses (the one with a long hair *bangs* ) he's so handsome <3 :)
    hihihi! by the way, I'm following you now :)

    .never settle for less.

    1. Thanks Sherlaine!
      He's actually one of our newest members! ^_^
      Followed you back :))

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