Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Classy Chic :)

Sorry for the late posts I don't have time to come up with an outfit to blog about this past few weeks been busy. So I'll post my 2nd look for Sassy Pink Shoppe's Collection :)
I picked out this really dainty dress which I love! It's quite vintage but modern at the same time!
I usually go for sweet colors such as with pastels since it's quite feminine. 
 This outfit stands out really well! It's quite unique and is actually designed by A-fash member Ate Juvy owner of Sassy Pink :) She really invests time to research on the latest trends and as what I have mentioned from my previous posts its fun collaborating with her since I get to know more about what's in every season.

Sassy Pink Shoppe also offers accessories from bracelets to necklaces and much more! 

The necklace I wore is also from Sassy Pink and was made by Ate Juvy herself! I love how it brings sophistication and edge to the whole ensemble perfect combination with the gold spiked details on the dress!
Shoes were bought at Sm Department Store :)

An edgy sophisticated end photo for this outfit! :) Thank you to Jamie Lou Borile for the wonderful photos as always! 

Credits to :
Photographer : Jamie Lou Boriile
Clothes : Sassy Pink Shoppe iDesign by juvybee
Magazine Designer : Ging Agcaoili Palo
Contents : Jamie Lou Borile, Diana Lopez, Ching Ramos, Padz Huerte, Angela Peconcillo, and Camille Panotes 

Thank You! :)


  1. pretty!

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