Sunday, March 3, 2013

Making Fringes

I decided to place some of my outfit posts here from tumblr. In this post I'd like to feature something edgy which reminds me of my young self. My style when I was in high school was a bit rock and roll with a pinch of punk on the side haha!
Necklace I made just to compliment the outfit. This is also available for made to order at my Online shop Cutie Patooties! We make personalized Accessories out of Polymer clay and much more! Studded Cuff gifted <3
The top I got at a thrift store down town and from the moment I saw it I instantly knew what I could do to it to make it have that extra spunk. I added some fringes! I had the idea from watching a youtube video. Ain't  it just awesome? The leggings are also thrifted :)
The fringed bag below was actually a gift from my dad to my mom when they were still boyfriend-girlfriend how sweet right? Vintage Love! 
Boots are from Parisian! These are actually my favorite pair since I first saw this I instantaneously fell in love with them! These have embroidered details on the sides which is quite unique from other boots
This is actually my first photo shoot with A-fash and I had so much fun with the girls! It's nice to bond with others who also enjoy dressing up! We don't mind the constant stares we just love expressing our passion through the way we dress. Its fun to see different styles in a unifying theme!

That's it for now! We have scheduled Photo Shoots every wednesday with different themes! Watch out for our individual posts every week! :)) Hope you guys can follow me at Google friend Connect just hit that button in my side bar there! Thanks! Photography by (c)  Frances Claudine Vasques 

Till the next post! Thanks for stopping by Ciao! 


  1. Lovely outfit from head to toe Ate Pam:) The fringe bag is <3 :)