Friday, March 1, 2013

When and How?

How did it all start? Looking back, I always had this curiosity of making new things and when I usually got bored I try to fixate on something and have random thoughts about making things different like DIYs or anything that is usually related to the arts or with technology.

I am an introvert I like doing things on my own. I don't usually like people looking behind my back and checking on what I am doing. I get creative when I'm not really noticed. It's quite a contrast since I am a Leo and well, Leo's are very much in dire need of attention. Somewhat I do, but I like giving people a surprise like they wouldn't expect me to do such a thing! That fuels my creativity of knowing that people underestimate me haha! (blabbering about myself yup I am definitely a Leo! haha)

I tried blogging when I was in high school where Personal Computers were still popular and laptops were really non existent. <Guess my age now> haha I didn't know how to edit my page and that resulted into frustration! Even cameras back then weren't that popular unlike now as evidence by social media sites. I remember sketching different outfits that I could wear for even just a sunday out with the family and looking back I needed urgent help with my choices! lol. I considered myself the strange kid, the weirdo because I sometimes would wear unconventional styles mixing up skirts with pants and sneakers? yup I know lol and even then I got weird faces and had an event that a person insulted me right in front of  my face I shoved it all off. It's okay its part of life what's wrong with expressing who you are and showing it by the way you dress. I still receive strange looks from people but I realized that I can't please everyone and I'm not doing this just to impress them but I am doing this for myself. 

Tried blogging my outfits last year when I got inspired by fashion blogs online. My nature of trying something new always creeps up when I least expect it. It's an instant desire of doing it even without really critically thinking about it. I'm like in a trance or an addiction of doing it for the love of creativity. I could say that my style has grown still experimenting and trying out new things though but that's what makes it fun! 

I'll leave you with my very first picture when I started blogging hehe Be nice! ^_^

Photographed by Lara Reazon <3

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