Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Minimalist me

Inspired by the ACP we had with Ate Daf  I wanted to start anew and make a blog here. Actually, I started blogging at wordpress and got all confused so I transferred here at blogger but got bored with the themes! haha I decided to go with tumblr where there are so many fun themes downloadable in the internet. I've chosen to go back here because I remembered how easy it was to post quality pictures unlike with tumblr which at times varies. 

I'll still be keeping my tumblr site to have some variety. I get bored easily lol! I am both a minimalist and a maximalist I guess? haha I don't get myself sometimes haha! Sooner or later I'll be choosing which blog site to keep but as of now I'll explore my options. 

Hope I also get readers here like with my tumblr. Everything new is always risky but I'll have to go with my gut with this one. I'd like to share events more, not just with my outfit posts but with what's happening with my life here. I don't know if this would evolve into more than a fashion blog but I am open to changes! It's time for me to go out of my comfort zone. I usually don't write more online because I get too conscious on my ability to come up with words and construct sentences. I would like to get rid of my fear of judgment like with some newbie bloggers do.  I do like writing because it's easier for me to vent out my feelings and by this new blog I'll strive to be consistent with posting! :) So I hope I would still have you guys to accompany me in this journey. It's so cliche I know lol ^^ 

The blog is still under construction. I'll consider making this one more simple :)

After the ACP with Ate Daf! I got totally inspired to continue blogging! Thank you! :)
Thanks also to Joyce for taking this photo! 

Till the next post! <3


  1. This is a good start, Pam! Also, if you like to transfer some of your Tumblr posts here, it's doable. Jamie has done it. Thank you so much for coming, Pam, and I'm really glad you learned something from me. :"> Good luck! <3

  2. Yes Ate Daf I'm considering transferring some posts here from tumblr :) Changing my approach here on blogger giving me some options ^_^ Hope to see you again sayang di ako nakasama sa shoot niyo nung afternoon its okay maybe next time. hehe Thank you ulit! <3