Friday, September 5, 2014


I am so stoked that this September I have the opportunity to bond with my A-fash family and we have the chance to share our interests in fashion with the people here in Naga City. Thanks to SM  for bringing the SM Youth Bus here in Naga!  

The SM Youth Crew will be visiting one of the biggest and most popular Festivals in the Philippines. And Yes! It’s The Pe├▒afrancia Festival! Come celebrate it with style by visiting the SM Youth Bus and see the latest Youth Fashion and Culture  at the SM City Naga from September 12 until September 21!


Hang out with us the A-fash on September 19 from 4 pm onwards and be part of our fashion consultation featuring the latest shirts from Tee Culture! ~ I am so excited with this one! ^_^

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SM Youth Naga, we will see you soon! Mark your calendars. The #SMYouthRoadTrip continues next week. Viva La Virgen de Penafrancia! #WeAreSMYouth


  1. Hi there! You should definitely visit CWC while you're in Naga. I miss my hometown LOL. Btw, you have a very nice blog and because of that you have been tagged for a Liebster Award! Followed you via GFC. I would really appreciate it if you could comment back on my page once you're done. Thanks!

    Eleigh of

    1. We the A-fash are actually from Naga City. Hope you could visit the event at SM this September! Hope to see you there and Thanks for tagging me for a Liebster Award! ^_^ Also followed you back :)