Friday, August 1, 2014


 And I am back! I have awaken from my slumber and I have ton of surprises for you all this month and the months to come! My outfit for this post was shot earlier this year. I haven't had the chance to post it because of many reasons (lazy, busy, the usual lol). 

The weather was so unpredictable that from the start of the day it would be ice cold but later it would get warmer.
So together with my A-fash family we decided to dress up according to the erratic weather.


 I mixed and matched old and new items found in my wardrobe. 
If you have been keeping up with my posts I have used some of these pieces
^_^ Say hello to repeats! haha 

I don't usually wear stockings with skirts or shorts but I had to challenge myself to try it.
 Surprisingly I like the combination. It's unconventional and I love being different!

I enjoy the cooler weather because I have an excuse to layer more on.

You'll get surprised of what you can come up with if you'll just be open to try new things ;)
Gone are the days where I am satisfied with my daily routine. I want to experience new adventures. Try to broaden my horizons. 

I miss blogging A-fash themed shoots! Hopefully we can go back on track! Can't wait to create more adventures and memories with them!! ;)

Cardigan | given by my bf's mom (Thank you po!)
Top | thrifted
Skirt | M&M online shop
Stockings & Shoes | SM Department Store

Photography  By Jamie Lou Borile <3 <3 <3

till my next post!

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