Sunday, January 12, 2014


Happy New Year Everyone! I'll be sharing to you my very first post for the year 2014! We had the theme of  resolutions where we tried to express what we desire to become this year through what we wore that day. I decided to play with some old and new items in my closet it means that I'll remain being myself with  some upgrades! 

I'm quite fond of reading Chinese zodiac signs for the year. I'm in the year of the snake. It looks promising since I'll be excelling at 3 fields which are love, finances and career if I play my cards right. Not so well with health though which I'm experiencing right now I have a sore throat because of all the sweets I ate and also the weather is so bipolar that I feel like I'm developing a cold. 
Lots of water and mega doses of Vitamin C for me!

Back to my oufit! :) I decided to wear a skirt because I've noticed that I've been wearing jeggings more last year! I have on my new skater skirt which I've recently been obsessed with lol okay I like how it looks and well, it's in style right now! Red in chinese culture symbolizes good fortune and joy. Though I'm not Chinese it's fun to associate things with some positive outcome. 

decided to pair the red skirt with my pullover top that has stars on it because it symbolizes hope, - looking forward to new things that will happen with optimism. I'm still ambivalent though of what would become of me this year because I hope to finish my units in school this October and that would mean I'll be getting closer to fulfilling my goals like having a job and moving forward with life.

I'm both feeling scared and excited of what would happen. But I'm look forward with optimism to ensure that all outcome will be well. I shall apply everything that I have learned in the real world! Wish me luck! ;)
Beanie: Penshoppe | Pullover stars top: thrifted | Chain Bead Necklace: Diversify

Beanie: Penshoppe | Beaded bracelets and Lip Ring: Cutie Patooties | Studded cuff: Gift

Skater Skirt from Cutie Patooties. We are currently offering skater skirts this year at my online shop! We have different colors in stock (limited) for only P200 each! buy 4 for only P180 each! ;) We'll also be offering midriffs soon! Like our Page Cutie Patooties to get updated of the latest trends this year!

Bag: Gift | Shoes: Solemate

Hope you guys also look forward to this year with positive vibes! Thank you for visiting my blog!
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Thank you to Jamie Lou Borile again for these rad photos!

till the next post you guys!
Stay tuned! I might have a giveaway soon! mehehe! ;)


  1. I like how you paired the the skirt with a laid back pullover and beanie. Happy New Year!

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    2. Thanks Andi! Happy New Year Too!