Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Kinda Sporty

Merry Christmas! At last I have now the time and the will to blog again! I have a bad habit of procrastinating and being lazy these past few weeks that I did not go to some of the A-fash shoots. I'll probably be making a New Year's Resolution list once again and I'll try to change my bad habits lol!

I've always been sporty. I tried a lot of sports growing up like swimming, lawn tennis, long jump etc. 
My usual sporty outfit would be a shirt, shorts and tennis shoes (for outdoor sports) I was that simple. Though some of the things I mentioned are commonly used today I strayed away from it because I want something much more different. I was going for just a touch of sporty.

I actually only have the top to express the sporty side of this outfit and the rest well yeah! haha lost for words >.< But yeah this doesn't make any sense now does it? lol. That's what I get for not blogging as much as I used to.  

Triangle Necklace: Personalized Accessories | Bag and ShoesParisian | Top: Gift | Bracelet and Rings: Cutie Patooties | 

I personally made these rings! I'm currently experimenting with resins now and I love how it turned out! These are available for Made to Order at my shop CUTIE PATOOTIES

I'll try my best to join A-fash's Photo shoots next year! Hopefully I would stick to my New Year's List of changing some of my habits lol! ;) Staying positive! I hope you like my post even though I don't seem to make any sense on some parts haha sorry for that!

Merry Christmas! I wish you all love and more positive vibes! Smile!

Thank you (c) Jamie Lou Borile for taking these awesome photos!
Till the next post!

If you like my outfit please do hype it here thanks! ;)


  1. Awesome accessories Ate Pam! Merry Christmas! :)

    Jem of The Jem Diaries

    1. Thanks Jem! Merry Christmas din and Happy New Year! ^_^

  2. I love your accessories!!! Ate, I will buy one! Huehuehue. Have a merry Christmas ate!! ♥

    Kae Trisha

    1. Pm me na lang hehe di ko pa nabbigay sayo ung prize mo hehe! next year bigay ko na hehe Merry Christmas Kae! ;)