Sunday, March 17, 2013

Gone Hippie

We the A-fash had gone Hippie for this theme! I had the hardest time figuring out what to wear cause I don't usually go for the boho vibe though my aura speaks loudly of the theme because of my hair lol.

I had to literally browse online to search for inspirations like in lookbook, chictopia, pinterest and also googled some fashion boho/hippie blogs. Hippie fashion usually involves vibrant colors, psychedelic forms and patterns of nature such as florals.  
I wanted to wear a long skirt or bell-bottom pants but I couldn't find any and had to resort to my trusty knee high skirt instead which I've featured numerous times. 

I got to work with what I've got and It's okay to repeat items as long as you mix and match them with other items in your closet. Mixing it up for a change meehee ^^
Feather Earrings DIY | Below my very own Dream Catcher! Available at my Online shop Cutie Patooties.

Every week I challenge myself to come up with accessory designs fitted to A-fash's theme every wednesday that I can offer for made to order at my online shop. I wanted to make a dream catcher by using the usual materials but it was too complicated for me so I just decided to make it by the medium I am used to. 
Bottle Cap Peace Ring and Multi colored peace wrap bracelet also from Cutie Patooties <3 Made with love by mwah! <3<3<3
Floral Vest thrifted. If it weren't for this vest I would've not come to the shoot haha! Lucky me! I am that eager to join the last few shoots A-fash has before the semester ends.
Below:  one of my favorite bags! a hand me down from my mom. I love how the fringe bag suits the whole outfit. It's also a statement piece since its unique and also very vintage. | Shoes Thrifted

Thank you to Jamie Lou Borile for these photos <3 I always have fun trying out different styles! Now that I know I could rock the hippie style I'll dress up like this more often :) 

Thanks for dropping by! Feel free to comment below :) GFC me if you want. Till the next post! Ciao!


  1. Love the floral vest and the bag pretty Pam! :)


  2. Awwww. Love the vest <3

    Jianne of :)

  3. It's an oreo with designs on top! LOLJK, Pam :)))
    I love every detail in this outfit! and your hair really has this hippie vibe that went so well with your whole outfit. ;)
    I always enjoy taking photos of you, Pam!! Dami ko napipicture pag ikaw model! Haha *u*

    xo, Jamie (

    1. Oo mukhang cookie nga ung Necklace haha! Salamat for taking such awesome photos as always teehee :))

      I wish I could take great photos like you do!
      ipon ipon muna ako for my dream dslr haha ^_^

  4. Loving the details of your outfit Pam!! :)

    Sam of

  5. The best looks amazing with outfit! You all look amazing :)

    xx Daphne of