Monday, July 29, 2013

Classic White

We decided to go all white with this theme and I decided to wear something classic. I went all girly again! See how bipolar my style is haha But I promise you you'll get a lot of different ways to dress edgy and sweet when you visit my blog! 

I associate the color white with serenity, freshness and purity. It makes a woman simply attractive. It showcases the beauty she has without being bothered by any other colors or prints. 
 The color is so subtle but still creates an impact that surely you won't just pass by without even looking.

The dress was actually my gift to my cousin. I decided to borrow it just for the shoot mehehe :D
Thanks Anna Reazon for lending me the dress <3

Jeweled Gold Cuff borrowed from my Mom | Pearl bracelet from Cutie Patooties 
Shoes: SM Department Store (Janeo)

Thank you to (c)Jamie Lou Borile for taking my individual shots and also to Mark Anthony Yap for taking the Group photos!

Watch out for more A-fash photo themed shoots! I promise to blog ever so often, been busy with school and with my online business Cutie Patooties . To get more updates please like my blog's facebook page STYLE ESCAPADES. Thank you! 

I'll be having a birthday giveaway soon, handmade accessories by yours truly! Make sure to like my page to get updated :)

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