Sunday, July 21, 2013


I considered myself an underdog growing up. I was weird and awkward. I felt like a loser and was subjected to bullying. I always wanted to be different, to simply stand out because of who I am. I tried different ways to express myself like through arts, sports and fashion. I wanted to be cool but instead I pushed myself away from what I wanted because that's just not me.

I am not cool. I am Extraordinary!
At the end of the day it's how we look at ourselves that counts. Haters are inevitable they arise from the desire to bring us down. When they see something new or anything out of the norms expect that they will react in different ways. It's how we understand them even though they do not understand what we do what we do.

"I am weird, awkward and different in a good way" :)

Above: DIY Muscle tee from Ate Mitzi | Vest Thrifted
Below: Studded Cuff Gift | Keep Calm and Blog On Bracelet Cutie Patooties
Shorts Duoventure Shoppe | Rainbow Charm Cutie Patooties
Floral boots SM Department Store

I almost forgot I chopped my hair off! haha! My curly long hair became dry and heavy so I decided to go bye bye! Though now I really miss my long hair >.< Oh well sacrifice din for a healthier growth! :))

Thank you to (c) Ja Escandor (c) Vincent Paul Echano and (c) Von Carlo Vela for these lovely photos! ^_^

Sorry for being overly dramatic with my recent posts :) I write what I feel.  I hope you guys continue visiting my blog! Watch out for more outfit posts soon!

Pam <3 


  1. You're pretty Pam. No one should ever tell you otherwise. :) Love your boots!

    Sam of

  2. Yeah~ I think you're kinda cool- extraordinary cool! \m/
    *sings* Forget the haters, coz somebody loves yaaah~ HAHA
    I envy your shots sa centro! Me likey! Especially your photo with the yellow bars!!
    Thumbs up for the DIA students! *wink*

    xx, Jamie of Spotlight on Jamie

    1. haha thanks Yen! First time ko nagamit yan sa shoot lol! :D I hope I could wear them again soon! ^_^ Yup! I had fun working with them very nice pati

  3. I am obsessed with your boots! awesome outfit!

  4. Nice outfit! love the shoes you are wearing!

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